Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We Have Arrived!

Well, we of course had an issue with USCIS.  Our homestudy was worded incorrectly.  It said we would accept the placement of a child with special needs and it needed to say we were approved to adopt a child with special needs!  Our homestudy worker had to write an addendum and overnight it to USCIS.  This was on Tuesday.  We needed to leave on Monday; we had already scrambled to change our childcare plans several times already and we didn't know what we would do if we didn't travel NOW!  Our worker had some personal stuff going on and was not available for almost 2 days after we found out about this.  Luckily once she found out she moved quickly and our USCIS officer was very helpful and spelled everything out for us so she would get it right.  She got it done and overnighted to them Thursday night so it should have arrived Friday morning.  Unfortunately it arrived but was stuck in the mailroom until Monday morning.  The officer emailed us after lunch on Monday to say the final approval was complete!  But I wasn't able to check my email until we were at the airport waiting for our last flight.  yes, we booked our flights praying that God was going to see it our way and make everything fall into place.  He did!

     We are in Serbia!  Tonight we went to exchange some money and got a few groceries and are at our apartment relaxing.  Tomorrow we will do some sight-seeing and souvenir shopping and then Thursday we will have our ministry appointment and learn everything we can about our newest addition!  We will most likely meet him on Friday morning;  we cannot wait!

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