Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh The Food!

We are enjoying the different foods here very much!  Eating out is much less expensive than
   it is back in the U.S. which was a welcomed surprise for us!  We love to eat out 
  so we are taking advantage of the fact that we do not have all the kids with us!

                                                     Sex on the Beach anyone?

                     Bill drinking a flaming Absinthe through a straw!  It literally came with a lighter!
                                                    The shrimp still have eyes!
                                                    BBQ Pork Ribs.  Delicious!
                                 This was a crawfish on squid made with cuttlefish ink!
                      Bill looks like he has terrible teeth, but it is just the cuttlefish ink from his meal!
     The view from The Panorama Resteraunt in Krag.  Gorgeous view, great food, better prices!
                               I think our total was like $25 with tip for a fabulous meal!
 Even McDonald's is better here!  Salad instead of fries and great buns!  The bread here is spectacular!
                                 Beet salad; not my favorite but the carrot flower was cool:)

                                     Sausage platter.  Sausages are another popular dish.
               This was stuffed chicken breasts in a tomato sauce with little bitty potatoes.  Delicious!

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