Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meeting Our Son!

                                                                             January 17, 2014
                                    Funny how you don't know part of your family is missing until you find him!

                                              That is how we felt meeting this precious little person;
                                                  kind of like the "where have you been all my life?"
                                                      and how did we ever survive without him?!

He is absolutely perfect for us!  He is so tiny and sweet.  The size of a 2 year old maybe; he is still spoon fed, takes a bottle and doesn't walk by himself.  We are so happy that he is such a baby yet!  Because that means we didn't really miss so much of his life!  We are going to get to experience so many of his firsts and we are going to be the ones there cheering him on!  God knows what he is doing ALL the time, even in Serbian orphanages!

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