Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Foster Family

 Technically they were Rowen's foster parents but they instantly became like family to us!  The hospitality they showed us was incredible; I wish we could bring them home with us too!  Because of these people we will definately be returning to Serbia!  I cannot imagine never seeing them again.  We spent most of 3 days with them playing charades trying to communicate with our very limited Serbian language skills and a basic conversation book.  You should have seen Bill trying to tell them he drove a forklift as part of his job.  Foster mom went and got him a fork and was so proud that he was able to tell her something:)  Another time we were making plans for the day and Bill says "da" yes.  I asked him if he knew what they said and he says yeah Rowen is going to sleep here and you and I are going to the park!  I laughed so hard because they were saying Rowen can skip his nap and we can take him to the park!  Everyone enjoyed how hard Bill worked to try to learn some of the language, the mistakes made the effort even more memorable!  I cannot express how much we came to love these people in the few days we were here.  We share a love for the same little boy that created a bond between us that is unexplainable.  We will return to Serbia!

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